Acarichthys heckelii

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Brazil, Gyuana, Colombia, Peru
Length : 20 cm - 8"
Min.length aquarium : 180 cm - 70"
English name : Threadfin Acara
A relatively quiet, peaceful fish which builds a territory. The aquarium should be set up with stones and driftwood. As a result you become caves. However, sufficiently free swimming space should be left. A frequent changing of the water is necessary.

You should give the fish rather large living food. After a period other food as big shrimps will be accepted.

Breeding is not too difficult.  Some hundreds of eggs are laid in a cave. The female looks after the eggs in the cave, as the male defends the surroundings. After 3 days the eggs hatch and another 3 days later the young are swimming free. Both parents care for the fry.  You can feed the young with baby brine shrimp.  The fry are abandoned by their parents at 8-12 mm , but sometimes may continue to stay near the nest and use it for escape in the absence of the parents.

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Jan Bukkems

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