Altolamprologus calvus

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Lake Tanganyika
Length : 14 cm - 5,5"
Min.length aquarium : 140 cm - 55"
English name : Pearly Lamprologus
Rather shy fish that should  be kept with other cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.  Like all Tanganyikan set ups the tank should be decorated with  substrate of fine gravel, a few shells and a lot of rocks that form caves and crevices. The rocks should be firmly anchored.  Some plants also can be used as decoration.

You must feed the fish with a great variety of live and frozen food.  They don't like dry food.

Breeding is not easy.  More then 200 eggs are laid in a cave or a shell.  The female takes care of the fry.  After 48 hours the eggs hatch.  After 8 days the young are swimming free.  You can feed them with baby brine shrimp.

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Jan Bukkems

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