Amphilophus hogaboomorum

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Honduras
Length : 30 cm - 12"
Min.length aquarium : 250 cm - 95"
This fish is very aggressive and only can be kept together with other big fish.  The aquarium should be setup with a lot of driftwood and stones that form caves and hiding places.  The fish will dig up the substrate material, so it is best to use no plants.  Enough free swimming space should be left.

They are omnivorous. The diet should consist a great variety of live and frozen food of all kinds as well a large flake staple food supplemented with plant material.

Breeding is easy.  A great number of eggs are laid and fertilized.  Both parents take care for the fry very fanatic. When the youngsters are swimming free you can feed them newly hatched baby brine shrimp and some days later fine crushed flake food.

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Michael Pilack

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