Aplocheilus blockii

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Family : Aplocheilidae
Origin : India, Sri Lanka
Length : 5 cm - 2"
Min.length aquarium : 50 cm - 20"
English name : Green Panchax
Active and peaceful fish that can be kept with other fishes from the same size.  The aquarium should be set up with fine leaved plants and floating plants.  The substrate should be dark and the light dimmed to bring out the colours of the fish.

You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.  In breeding time they need some extra food, because they are exhausted very quickly then.  You should stop that after a week.

Breeding is fairly easy when the animals are fed well.  The eggs are laid and fertilized daily between fine leaved plants.  The spawning substrate with the eggs should be removed to a separate aquarium.  After 2 week the eggs hatch.  When the young fishes are swimming free you can feed them very fine infusoria.

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