Badis badis

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Family : Badidae
Origin : India
Length : 8 cm - 3"
Min.length aquarium : 80 cm - 30"
English name : Blue Perch
In the community aquarium this fish is peaceful in an aquarium that is set up special for this species they become territorial.  The aquarium should be set up with a lot of plants, driftwood and rocks with plenty of hiding places.  As substrate you should use sand.

You should feed the fish with small live food.

Breeding is easy.  30 - 100 eggs are laid in a cave and fertilized.   After 3 days the eggs hatch.  The male takes care of the fry. They swim free 4 -5 days later.  Now the parents should be removed and you can start feeding with fine infusoria and some days later with baby brine shrimp.

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Jan Bukkems

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