Betta persephone

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Family : Osphronemidae
Origin : Malaysia
Length : 3 cm - 1.2"
Min. length aquarium : 40 cm - 15"
English name : Dwarf Betta
This is the smallest, but also one of the most aggressive Bettas.  Because he is so aggressive you can only keep them as a pair.  The aquarium should be planted densely and some floating plants are wanted too.

You should give them small live food such as Artemia.  You can give them dry food now and then, but not for a longer time.

Breeding is rather easy.  The eggs are laid and fertilized in a bubble nest.  After that the male chases the female.  So, there must be a lot of hiding places for her.  The male cares for the fry in the nest.  The parents don't eat their young so it is possible to have several nests in the aquarium until the young fishes are mature.  Then they should be removed.

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