Carlhubbsia stuarti

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Family : Poeciliidae
Origin : Guatemala
Length : 5 cm - 2"
Min. length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
English name : Barred livebearer
Peaceful, somewhat shy fish that you should keep in a group together with other peaceful fishes.  The aquarium should be planted densely because they need hiding places.  They need a lot of oxygen in the water.  A good filter and a regular changing of the water are necessary.

They are omnivorous.  You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.

Breeding is very easy.  They are viviparous and every 4 weeks 10-50 young fishes are born.  When the parents are well fed they don't harm the young fishes.  You can raise them with baby brine shrimp and fine crushed dry food.

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Fischhaus Zepkow

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