Cichlasoma grammodes

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Mexico, Guatemala
Length : 25 cm - 10"
Min. length aquarium : 200 cm - 80"
English name : Many-Pointed Cichlid
This fish should be kept as a pair.  The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and roots that make hiding places.  Plants can be used for decoration as well.  A strong filter and a regular changing of the water are necessary.  A territory is made.

You should give them powerful food, especially made for large cichlids.

Breeding is not difficult.  The eggs are laid and fertilized on a flat, hidden substrate.  The female cares for the fry and the male defends the territory.  After 5 days the eggs hatch and another 6 days later the young fishes are swimming free.  You can raise them with baby brine shrimp.

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Michael Pilack

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