Datnioides microlepis

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Family : Datnioididae
Origin : Cambodia, Thailand, Borneo
Length : 40 cm - 16"
Min.length aquarium : 300 cm - 120"
English name : Siamese Tigerfish
This fish is only suited for a very large aquarium.  They are very intolerant to each other.  It is not wise to keep them together with smaller fish because this fish thinks it is food and will eat them.  The aquarium can be planted with large plants that like brackish water.  You should add 3-4 spoons with salt to the water.  The light should be dimmed and you should create caves where they can hide.

You should give them large live food and meat.  It is a predator and eats everything that is smaller.

About breeding in the aquarium nothing is known.

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Jan Bukkems

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