Copadichromis azureus

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Lake Malawi
Length : 20 cm - 8"
Min. length aquarium : 180 cm - 70"
English name : Azureus Cichlid
Rather peaceful fish that you can keep together with other calm species from Lake Malawi.  The aquarium should be set up on the sides and background with a lot of stones and rocks that form caves and crevices.  In the middle you should leave a lot of free swimming space.  You should keep one male together with several females.

In nature they normally eat  plankton. In the aquarium all live food like Artemia and dry food are eaten.

Breeding is rather easy.  After the eggs are laid they are taken in the mouth by the female.  Then the eggs are fertilized by the male. Depending on the temperature the eggs hatch after a few days and the fry is released after about 21 days.  You can raise the young fishes with baby brine shrimp and fine crushed dry food.

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Jan Bukkems

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