Exodon paradoxus

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Family : Characidae
Origin : Brazil, Guyana
Length : 15 cm - 6"
Min. length aquarium : 150 cm - 60"
English name : Bucktooth Tetra
This predatory fish is not suited for the community aquarium at all.  Every smaller fish is eaten, and larger fishes are attacked, and he eats scales and parts of their body.  You should keep them in a large school with a minimum of 12 fishes.  You can plant the aquarium.  The aquarium should be covered very well, because they are great jumpers.

You should give them live food such as fish and worms.  Dry food is accepted as well.

Breeding is not easy.  The eggs are laid and fertilized between the plants.  After spawning the parents should be removed.  After 36 hours the eggs hatch.  The first week you should feed them baby brine shrimp and after that fine crushed dry food.  Raising them is difficult because they eat each other.

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Yoritaka Honda

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