Garra rufa

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Family : Cyprinidae
Origin : East Asia
Length : 14 cm - 5,5"
Min.length aquarium : 120 cm - 50"
Peaceful fish that you should kept in a school from at least 6-8 species.  The substrate should be fine sand because the fishes like to burrow for food in it.  The aquarium should be planted with hard plants because they like to eat vegetable food.  The fish is also known in the paramedical world.  The fish lives in warm thermal pools and they are used for the treatment of Psoriasis.  Especially in Germany this (questionable ?)method is used.  For some people this method is not without risks.

They eat a great variety of live, frozen and vegetable food,  They accept dry food as well.

Breeding is easy.  The aquarium should be well planted and  you have to use a spawning grid because the parents eat their eggs.  After spawning you should remove the parents.  When the young fishes are swimming free you can give them fine infusoria.

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Jan Bukkems

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