Glossolepis wanamensis

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Family : Melanotaeniidae
Origin : Papua New Guinea
Length : 10 cm - 4"
Min.length aquarium : 120 cm - 50"
English name : Lake Wanam Rainbowfish
You can keep this peaceful schooling fish best with other rainbow fishes.  The aquarium should be densely planted on the sides and background with fine leaved plants.  In the middle you should leave a lot of free swimming space.  They like a spot in the morning sun.

You should give them live food.  Frozen and dry food are accepted as well.

Breeding is easy.  Every morning a few eggs are laid and fertilized between fine leaved plants.  After 7-10 days the eggs hatch.  You can raise the young fishes with very small infusoria.  They grow very quickly.

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