Helostoma temminkii

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Family : Helostomatidae
Origin : Thailand, Java
Length : 15 cm - 6"
Min. length aquarium : 150 cm - 60"
English name : Kissing Gourami
Peaceful fish, only males are aggressive to each other and fight.  They do that by "kissing" each other.  The weakest one must yield.  The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood, javamoss and javafern.  All other plants are eaten.  They dig in the substrate.

This fish is omnivorous, but he prefers vegetable food.

Breeding is easy. The eggs are laid and fertilized on the surface under a leaf, for instance lettuce.  The lettuce is food for bacteria and later infusoria that later are eaten greedy by the young fishes.

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Jan Bukkems

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