Hypostomus plecostomus

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Family : Loricariidae
Origin : Northern part of South America
Length : 28 cm - 11"
Min.length aquarium : 200 cm - 80"
English name : Plecostomus
This inhabitant of quick streaming rivers grows very quick, so he is not suited for an aquarium that is too small.  When he gets older he becomes more aggressive and then he makes a territory.  They need a lot of space.  They don't eat plants but they dig a lot, so plants should be anchored very well.  They aquarium should be set up with roots and driftwood to create hiding places.  A strong filter is necessary.

They are omnivorous, so you should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.  They like to eat algae.

Breeding in the aquarium has not been very successful.

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Jan Bukkems

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