Leporinus friderici

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Family : Anostomidae
Origin : Guyana's, Brazil, Argentina ,Venezuela
Length : 50 cm - 20"
Min. length aquarium : 300 cm - 120"
English name : Threespot Leporinus

You can keep this peaceful, now and then somewhat shy fish, only in a very large aquarium, because he is rather big.  You can keep them together with other large fish, such as cichlids and catfish.  The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and roots.  Plants cannot be used for decoration, because they are eaten.  A strong filter is recommended.

They are omnivorous and they eat very much.  A large part of the menu should be vegetable.  Fruit and leaves are eaten as well.  Dry food is accepted.

Breeding in the aquarium is almost impossible, because he is to large.

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Lance R. Peck

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