Limia vittata

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Family : Poeciliidae
Origin : Cuba
Length : 12 cm - 5"
Min. length aquarium : 100 cm - 40"
English names : Banded limia, Cuban limia, Cuban molly, Cuban topminnow, Tabai
Peaceful fish that is suited excellent for the community aquarium with hard water.  The hardness can be reached by adding 30 grams sea-salt at 10 liters of water.  The aquarium should be decorated with plants that can live in water with high Gh and Ph.

They are omnivorous, and a large part of the food should be vegetable.  They like to eat algae.  Dry food is accepted as well.

Breeding is rather easy.  They are viviparous and every 3-5 weeks up to 50 young fishes are born.  They can be raised with baby brine shrimp and fine crushed dry food.

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Eric Bodrock

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