Moenkhausia dichroura

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Family : Characidae
Origin : Paraguay, Guyana, Brazil
Length : 4,5 cm  - 1.8"
Min. length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
English name : Bandtail tetra
Peaceful schooling fish that is not very easy to keep because he makes high demands on waterquality.  The water should be not too hard and a peat filter is necessary.  A dimmed light by using floating plants and a dark substrate bring out the colours of the fish.  Some sources say that they eat plants sometimes but other sources deny that.  Because they are very rare not much is known about them.

They are omnivorous.  You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.

About breeding in the aquarium nothing is known.

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Fischhaus Zepkow

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