Nematobrycon palmeri

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Family : Characidae
Origin : Colombia
Length : 5 cm - 2"
Min.length aquarium : 70 cm - 25"
English name : Emperor Tetra
Very peaceful schooling fish that can not be kept with other species that are too lively.  The aquarium should be set up with a lot of plants.  Use some floating plants as well to provide areas of shade.  The substrate should be dark to bring out the colours of this fish. 

The fish is omnivorous.  You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.

Breeding is not difficult.  The couple should be brought into a dark aquarium at a temperature of 28C (82F).  A spawning grid is necessary because the fish eat their own eggs.  They spawn for several hours.  After spawning the parents should be removed.  After 36 hours the eggs hatch.  When they are swimming free you can feed them very fine infusoria and a few days later baby brine shrimp.

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Jan Bukkems

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