Neolamprologus brichardi

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Lake Tanganyika
Length : 10 cm  - 4"
Min.length aquarium : 100 cm - 40"
English name : Princess of Burundi
Peaceful fish that can be kept in combination with other fishes from Lake Tanganyika.  The aquarium should be set up with rocks with a lot of caves.  Some plants may be useful. 

You should feed them with live food. Frozen food (like Artmia) is accepted as well.

Breeding is very easy. The eggs (200-300) are laid and fertilized in a cave.  Both parents take care of the fry.  After a few days they hatch.  You can feed them with baby brine shrimp.  When the young get older they may stay in the territory of the parents like a family.

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Jan Bukkems

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