Scleropages formosus

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Family : Osteoglossidae
Origin : South East Asia, Australia
Length : 90 cm - 35"
Min. length aquarium : 400 cm - 160"
English names : Asian Arowana, Asian Bonytongue, Dragon Fish
This predatory fish is not suited for our aquarium at home, but for a large public aquarium in a zoo.  He is very intolerant to species if their own kind.  You should not keep the together with other fishes that are much smaller, because they are eaten.  The aquarium should be set up with hard plants and you should leave enough free swimming space in the middle and upper water layers.

You should give them large, live food such as fish, insect larvae and shrimp.

Breeding in the aquarium has not been reported yet.

Species from Asia are on CITES-list, appendix I.  No trade is allowed without official papers.


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Chan Sow-Yan

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