Pygocentrus nattereri

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Family : Serrasalmidae
Origin : Northern South America
Length : 28 cm - 11"
Min. length aquarium : 250 cm - 100"
English names : Piranha, Red Bellied Piranha
A large schooling fish that only can be kept in a large aquarium.  When he is hungry it is a real predator and attacks everything that is alive.  He is dangerous when he feels threatened.  A strong filter is recommended.

You should give them powerful live food such as fish and meat.

For breeding you need a very large aquarium (> 3 meter, 120").   The eggs are laid and fertilized between plants.  The eggs hatch after 2-3 days.

PS.  In a number of states of the USA it is forbidden to keep this fish, because there is a chance that fishes that grew too large for the aquarium have been transferred to the wild where they can survive.

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