Sorubim lima

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Family : Pimelodidae
Origin : Amazon river, Venezuela, Paraguay
Length : 60 cm - 25"
Min. length aquarium : 300 cm - 120"
English names : Duckbeak Shovel Nose, Duckbill Catfish, Lima Shovel-Nosed Catfish, Shovelnose Catfish, Striped Shovel Nose
You can keep this very predatory fish together with other large fish only.  All smaller fish are eaten because he thinks it is food.  You only can keep them in a very large aquarium.  The aquarium should be set up with driftwood, roots and stones.  Some large, well anchored plants can be used for decoration as well.  In the middle you should leave enough free swimming space.  During the day they hide between the plants and driftwood.  In the evening and night they come alive and search for food.

You should give them live fish to eat.  After habituation they accept large earthworms and tablets.

About breeding in the aquarium nothing is known.

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Jan Bukkems

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