Ameca splendens

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Family : Goodeidae
Origin : Mexico
Length : 12 cm - 5"
Min.length aquarium : 100 cm - 40"
English name : Butterfly Goodeid
A peaceful fish that does well in all types of community aquaria.  The aquarium should be heavily planted on the sides and background.   In the middle you should leave much free swimming space.  A dark is soil appreciated.  Lots of light is necessary for growing algae.

The feeding of these fish is easy. Flakes, frozen and live-food are accepted, but most of the diet should be vegetable like algae.

Breeding is easy and productive. The fish is viviparous.  After 55 to 60 days up to 30 young are delivered. The new born fish can have a size up to 20 millimeters, they are not pursued by the older fish. You can feed the young fish with fine flake food.

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Jan Bukkems

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