Apistogramma macmasteri

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Brazil
Length : 8 cm - 3"
Min.length aquarium : 80 cm - 30"
English name : Macmaster's Dwarf Cichlid
Peaceful, sometimes shy fish.  It is one of the most beautiful Apistogrammas.  The aquarium should be densely planted and the company with other calm fishes is necessary.  Otherwise they hide and you never see them.  The substrate should be dark and the light must be dimmed to bring out the colours of this fish.

You should feed them a great variety of small live food.

Breeding is not easy.  You need soft and acid water.  The species is polygamous but in a small aquarium it is wise to remove the male after mating because the female is very aggressive.  In a big aquarium in the company of other fishes the male can stay and defends the territory.  The eggs are laid in a cave and the female takes care of the fry.  After 48 hours the eggs hatch and another 5 days later the young fishes are swimming free.  You can raise them with baby brine shrimp.

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