Astatotilapia calliptera

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Lake Malawi
Length : 14 cm - 5.5"
Min.length aquarium : 140 cm - 55"
English name : Eastern happy
To each other (especially males) these fishes are very aggressive.  It is recommended to keep one male with several females.  A territory is made.  The aquarium should be set up with stones and rocks that form caves.  In the middle you should leave a lot of free swimming space.

You should feed them live or frozen food.  Dry food is accepted as well.  A great part of the food should be vegetable. 

Breeding is not difficult.  They are mouth brooders.  When the eggs are laid the female quickly takes the eggs into her mouth. After collecting the eggs, she swims to the genital area of the male where the eggs are fertilized. After 14 days the young fishes leave the mouth of the mother.  You can raise them with Artemia nauplii.

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Kevin Bauman

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