Carnegiella strigata

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Family : Gasteropelecidae
Origin : Guyana
Length : 4 cm - 1.5"
Min.length aquarium : 50 cm - 20"
Peaceful schooling fish for the upper water layers.  The aquarium can be planted densely, but you should leave enough free swimming space.  Floating plants can be used as well.

You should feed them with black mosquito larvae and fruitflies.  Dry food is accepted as well.  They don't eat sinking food.

Breeding is easy.  When the animals are fed well, the aquarium should be darkened.  The water should be soft and acid.  The eggs are laid between the roots of floating plants and fertilized.  The eggs drop to the bottom.  After spawning the parents should be removed.  After 30 hours the eggs hatch and after 5 days the young fishes are swimming free.  You should feed them very fine infusoria.  After 7 days you can give them Artemia-nauplii.

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Jan Bukkems

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