Copella nigrofasciata

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Family : Lebiasinidae
Origin : Brasil
Length : 6 cm - 2.5"
Min. length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
English name : Black Banded Pyrrhulina
Very peaceful, lively schooling fish.  Only males can be somewhat aggressive to each other during breeding times.  They are very suited for the community aquarium together with other peaceful species.  The aquarium should be planted densely and you should change the water very regularly.  You should prepare that water very well.

You should give them small live food.  Dry food is accepted as well.

Breeding is not difficult.  Up to 300 eggs are laid and fertilized on a leaf of a plant with broad leafs.  (for instance Echinodorus). The male cares for the fry.  You should create enough hiding places for the females to protect hem against intrusive males.  After 30 hours the eggs hatch and after another 48 hours the young fishes are swimming free.  After 5 days the larvae have eaten the egg yolk.  At that moment the male stops with caring for them.  You can start feeding very fine infusoria.

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Pernille Impey

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