Corydoras melanistius  

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Family : Callichthyidae
Origin : Guyana
Length : 6 cm - 2.4"
Min. length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
English name Bluespotted Corydoras
Peaceful, small schooling fish for the lower water levels.  The aquarium should be planted on the sides and background.  A part of the bottom of the aquarium should be free and should be sandy because they like to search after food in it and their tender barbels are easily damaged.  A regular large changing of the water is appreciated.

You should give them small live food.  Frozen and dry food are accepted as well.

Breeding is not difficult.  After a large changing of the water of about 50 % with cooler water they spawn spontaneously. After 5 days the eggs hatch and another 2 days later the young fishes are swimming free.  You can raise them with micro eels and baby brine shrimp. 

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Jan Bukkems

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