Epiplatys multifasciatus

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Family : Nothobranchiidae
Origin : Zaire, Congo
Length : 5 cm - 2"
Min. length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
Especially males are very aggressive to species of their own kind, but they seldom damage each other.  The aquarium should be planted densely on the sides and background because they need hiding places.  A dimmed light by using floating plants and a dark substrate bring out the colours of the fish.  It is necessary to cover the aquarium very well because they are good jumpers.

You should give them live food.  Frozen food is accepted as well.

Breeding is easy.  The eggs are laid and fertilized between fine leaved plants.  For spawning you also can use a spawning mop.  You should remove the eggs regularly and move them to a breeding dish. The eggs hatch after 2 weeks.  You can raise the young fishes with baby brine shrimp.

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Heinz Ott

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