Herichthys bartoni

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Mexico
Length : 18 cm - 7"
Min. length aquarium : 150 cm - 60"
English name : Barton's cichlid
Rather robust species that can be rather aggressive to other fishes during breeding time.  You should keep them together with fishes that are not too small.  The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and roots that make hiding places.  The substrate should be sandy.  Only hard plants that are anchored very well can be used fir decoration.  It is wise to raise a group of unrelated juveniles (6-8) to sexual maturity and allow them to pair off. The best pair should be chosen for breeding and other pairs should be removed.

You should give them large, live food.  Frozen and dry food are accepted as well.  A part of the food should be vegetable.  Please be careful with beef heart and Tubifex. 

Breeding is rather easy with a good matching couple.  Up to 300 eggs are laid and fertilized on a somewhat hidden substrate.  After 3-4 days the eggs hatch.  The parents bring the larvae to breeding pits.  Both parents care for the fry a very long time.  A good couple can raise several nests each year. 

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Brian Traas

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