Lamprologus congoensis

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Zaire
Length : 15 cm - 6"
Min. length aquarium : 150 cm - 60"
English name : Congo Lionhead Cichlid
You should keep one male together with several females.  They are rather aggressive to each other, but when you have made enough caves where they can hide they make not very much problems.  The aquarium should be set up with stones, driftwood and some hard plants, so they can make a territory.

They are omnivorous.  You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.

Breeding is rather easy.  Up to 80 eggs are laid in a cave.  At a temperature of 26C (79F) the eggs hatch after 2 days, and 8 days later the young fishes are swimming free.  The female cares for the fry and the male defends the territory. 

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