Poecilia reticulata

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Family : Poeciliidae
Origin : From Mexico to Brazil
Length : 6 cm - 2,5"
Min.length aquarium : 60 cm - 25"
English names : Guppy, Millions Fish
Peaceful fish that can be combined with other peaceful fish.  The aquarium should be well planted, and a cover of floating plants is necessary to provide a refuge for young. We all had guppys.

The feeding of these fish is easy. Flakes, frozen and live-food are accepted, but some of the diet should be vegetable like algae.

Breeding is very easy.  They are viviparous.  A male constantly tries to mate with the female, so more than one female should be kept.  Every 4-6 weeks the female give birth to 20-40 young.  They hide between the roots of floating plants.  You can feed them with crushed dry food and baby brine shrimp.


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Jan Bukkems

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