Congochromis dimidiatus

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Congo
Length : 8 cm - 3"
Min.length aquarium : 80 cm - 30"
Rather aggressive fish that should be kept as a pair.  Especially in breeding time they have a very large territory.  The aquarium should be set up with stones and rocks that form caves and crevices.  On the sides the aquarium should be planted and this plants should be anchored very well because they dig a lot in the substrate.  A regular changing of the water is necessary.

You should feed them live food.  Frozen and dry food are accepted as well.

Breeding is not difficult.  Up to 60 eggs are laid and fertilized in a cave.  The female takes care for the eggs and the male defends the territory.  After hatching the male takes care of the fry as well.  The young fishes can be raised with Artemia-nauplii and fine crushed dry food.

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Ariel Bornstein

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