Nanochromis transvestitus

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Family : Cichlidae
Origin : Zaire
Length : 7 cm - 2.8"
Min. length aquarium : 80 cm - 30"
Males of this species are very aggressive to each other, so you should keep them as a pair.  They are rather shy.  The aquarium should be planted densely on the sides and background.  Because they breed in caves you should use some stones and driftwood for decoration. 

You should give them powerful live or frozen food.  Dry food is accepted as well.

Breeding is not easy.  You should have a good matching couple.  Up to 200 eggs (mostly fewer) are laid and fertilized in a cave.  When the eggs don't not develop well, they are eaten by the female immediately.  The female cares for the eggs.  The male is not permitted in the neighbourhood of the eggs.  After 8-10 days the female leaves the cave with her young.  From that moment the male cares for the fry as wll.  You can raise the young with baby brine shrimp.

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