Osteoglossum ferreirai

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Family : Osteoglossidae
Origin : Brasil, Rio Branco
Length : 100 cm - 40"
Min. length aquarium : 400 cm - 160"
English name : Black Arowana
Predatory fish that is very intolerant to species of their own kind.  He is only suited for a very large public aquarium in a zoo for instance.  They only can be kept together with fishes of the same size because smaller fish are eaten, they think it is food.  The aquarium should have enough free swimming space in  the upper water layers.  You should cover the aquarium very well because they are good jumpers.  Some hard plants can be used for decoration.

You should give them live food such as fish.

Breeding has succeeded in a very large aquarium a couple of times.  In the aquarium at home it is almost impossible.  They are mouthbreeders.  The female takes the large eggs in her mouth.  After 6-8 weeks the young fishes leave the mouth of the mother.  Then they already  have a length of 9 cm (3.5").

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Yoritaka Honda

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