Platydoras costatus

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Family : Doradidae
Origin : Middle Amazon river
Length : 22 cm - 9"
Min. length aquarium : 150 cm - 60"
English names : Striped Raphael Catfish, Raphael Catfish
Peaceful fish that you can keep together with large cichlids.  It is not wise to keep them with small fish because they think it is food.  They are nocturnal animals and they are barely seen in daytime.  The aquarium should be set up with driftwood, roots and stones that form hiding places.  It is recommended that a part of the substrate is fine sand where they can dig oneself in.  Plants can be used as a decoration as well, but fine leaved plants will be polluted quickly because the fish burrows a lot in the substrate.  The fish has a large thorn on his fins, so it is not wise to catch him with your bare hands. 

They are omnivorous.  You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food.  A part of the food should be vegetable.

About breeding in the aquarium nothing is known.

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Jan Bukkems

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